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Our Mission:

Catholic Study Fellowship - bring the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone.

Who, What, When and Where:

Catholic Study Fellowship is a group of enthusiastic and evangelical Catholics who love Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.  We are Catholics who love to share our rich and ancient faith with others.  We believe it is our duty to make learning about the Catholic faith fun and engaging.

Catholic Study Fellowship : to have Charles come speak at your parish contact us at


Join in for an evening of Catholic style Praise and Worship music, dynamic lay preaching and fellowship.

The specific purposes of Catholic Study Fellowship are to:

  • Be a stepping stone to the Rock which is the Church, the body of Christ;

  • Provide mid-week Faith Study and Fellowship in order to encourage people to a more pro-active participation in the Sacraments

  • Build a stronger personal relationship with Christ and His Church

  • Evangelize and equip attendees with the basics of the Catholic Christian faith through:

    •  studying the Bible the Catechism and the Early Church Fathers

    • education and fellowship to inspire Catholics to fully live out their Sacramental life in the Church and

  • be a blessing to the community who we serve

 All are welcome!

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us for information about Catholic Study Fellowship





Postal address

P. O. Box XXXX

Electronic mail

Webmaster: wizard@isomedia.com